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Triple Your Testosterone

Tired of Feeling Like a Bug

Around Women?

It hurts seeing women throw their attention at other guys while no one ever notices you.

I get the pain you're going through being a young guy who's always thinking about girls but never feels good enough for them. It's painful, frustrating, and you wish you weren't you.

It's not your fault.

I'll show you how the stuff around you is secretly destroying your testosterone, pushing away women. But how to turn it into your secret advantage over other guys to attract them.

​So stick around. I promise it'll be worth your time.

You Probably Think About These Questions a Lot

"Why don't I feel like a man?"

"Why is it so hard to get a date?"

​"Why do I struggle to put on muscle?"

"Why do I always get left out?"

"Why am I having bedroom problems?"

"Why can't I stop being so awkward?"

"Why am I so unhappy with my life?"

"Why can't I stop worrying so much?"

  "Why don't girls ever notice me?"  ​

So Why's Nothing Changed?

You've tried fixing these problems by...

  • Watching YouTube
  • Asking people
  • Browsing blogs
  • Searching Google
  • ​Going to the doc
  • And more...​

Everyone yapped about how good food, working out, sleeping more, stressing less, and drinking water is the answer.

It's good advice, and
 I'm proud of you for being on self-improvement, but...

Why do you still feel weak, tired, sick, ugly, and feminine? Deep down, you don't even think you're worthy of pretty girls. You feel like a bug around them. 

​Why do you stay up at night frustrated you're working harder than most guys but still feel like a loser who can barely get a date?

How much longer are you going to spend your whole day

daydreaming about s*x and relationships?

Knowing while you're at home, chads who don't even grind like you are easily bagging girls. All while the best years of your life are slipping away.

​You're seeing everyone else, having fun at parties, having girlfriends, and loving life while you're binging self-improvement videos trying not to j**k off.

Look, I get how hard it is watching from the sidelines as other guys live the life you want. I've been there.

But when you finish this, that'll change forever.

I'll explain how man-made toxins around us have been secretly destroying your looks, energy, and confidence, making you less of a man and less attractive to girls.

And I'll show you how to use them as your secret advantage to leave other guys in the dust.

 I Started Having a Heart a Attack... 

I felt a sharp pain shoot through me, like a heart attack in my gut. My shoulders went heavy, my eyes blurry, and I started falling.

My heart was beating like a drum as shock and fear washed over me like cold water, and my mouth tasted like I'd been sucking on metal.

While I caught my breath, I looked at myself in the mirror. Staring at my man boobs, chunky waist, skinny arms, and ugly face. I was holding my Old Spice deodorant and Dove body wash in my hands.

For years, I'd been doing everything right - working out hard, tracking my sleep, eating clean, and taking great care of myself.

​But even though I was grinding harder than most guys, I still looked weak, ugly, and tired, and I would be embarrassed if anyone knew how bad I struggled with girls.

I used to blame bad genetics and my childhood for why I was a loser. But today, I realized the real answer was literally in my hands!

My Head Was Spinning...

You see, I got flaked on for a date that night.

My heart sank like a rock as I read her "Hey, I'm not feeling good don't think I can come out" text. Everything I'd hoped for with this girl disappeared in an instant. It was like a punch in the stomach.

I felt so mad, frustrated, and lonely as I stared at the message. And found myself fighting the urge to not j**k off. Knowing the few seconds of pleasure would leave me feeling much worse after.

I felt like crying as I put my phone down, knowing no girl is really 'single.' She was going to be naked and bending, but just for a guy who was better than me.

I even hated that it hurt so much. Why did one random girl flaking make me feel like such a loser?

​And I'd been cold approaching, and on dating apps for months now, why couldn't just one decently hot girl out there just want me?

To take my mind off the waves of loneliness passing through me, I opened up a book on health that I was reading.​

For a long time, I'd been trying hard to boost my testosterone.

Seeing so many guys with high T traits like strong jawlines, jacked bodies, and deep voices always seem confident and easily pull girls.

But even though I did all the right things: exercise, sleep, and diet, my T levels were embarrassingly low every time I got them checked. I looked ugly, never felt confident, and sucked with girls.

I was fed up spending hours working out and spending lots of money to stay healthy, only to look and feel mostly the same.

And it made my blood boil seeing
guys who don't do any of that easily get into relationships and pull girls because they naturally have high T levels.

But I wasn't going to give up. And lately, I kept hearing lots of people talk about the biggest secret that destroying guys testosterone levels is -


Which are kind of like sneaky chemicals hiding in everything 

we use, eat, and spend time with.

They're in our clothes, food, skincare stuff, bathroom 

products, cleaners, furniture, water, cars, and more. They're

everywhere around us!

Things like phthalates, which are chemicals that make plastics stronger.
They get added to stuff like phone cases, shower curtains, food storage boxes, flooring, clothing, and bathroom products.

PFRs, which are added to stop things from catching on fire. They're in furniture, carpets, mattresses, gym mats, cars, paint, etc.

Parabens, which make stuff last longer. They're in almost every food and drink at the store, even in fruits, veggies, milk, and meats! They're also in stuff like toothpaste and trail mix!

​And that's just a few. There are more than 22 different estrogenics that are all around us.

​Even worse, people tell you some are 'natural,' 'healthy,' and 'good for you,' like soy, for example.

But really, they say that because soy is cheap to grow. And it's used as a filler in lots of things to save money, like protein bars, bread, dressings, and even car wax and engine oil.

There's a reason everyone calls a feminine man a "soy boy". It's because estrogenics kinda turns you into a girl.

Companies add estrogenics to so much stuff so they can make more money. Since it helps things last longer, cost less, and be stronger.

But estrogenics are like a virus in your body.

Because when you touch, breathe, or eat estrogenics, they destroy your health, causing:

  •  Fat gain
  • Cancer
  • Immune failure
  • Low T
  • Blood clots
  • Depression​​​
  • Infertility
  • ​Low strength
  • And worse...

It all started making sense...

As I ran around my bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, car, closet, desk, etc, I started seeing them everywhere. It felt a knot in my stomach, knowing I'd been letting estrogenics poison me for years.

I was literally getting exposed to 20 of them every single day, and I bet you are too.

I didn't want to believe the reason why I was struggling with dating and feeling like a beta male was right in front of me, but the facts were solid.

Because estrogen is kinda like a messenger in your body, when there's fake estrogen (estrogenics), it screws up your body hard by sending the wrong messages.

​Messages telling your body body to make you fat, sick, weak, ugly, and feminine. Which makes you unattractive to girls.

Click to learn more  about estrogenics

Estrogenics are any chemical, substance, or hormone that pretends to be estrogen (a hormone) in our bodies.

Our body uses hormones like messengers to talk to itself. For example, when we eat a lot, a hormone leptin is made in our stomach and travels around our body through our blood.

When our brains leptin receptor senses it, we realize our tummy is full.

But estrogenics mess up our body's entire hormone balance, aka the messaging system. That is why they're called endocrine disruptors or hormone disruptors.

And they're really bad because:

1) They tell our bodies the wrong things like to make us weak, fat, depressed, sick, and ugly.

2) Estrogen receptors are everywhere in our bodies. They're in our brain, skin, organs, bones, tissues, and more, so they mess up everything.

Having too much estrogen in your body is proven to lead to problems like obesity, depression, low testosterone, immune system dysfunction, blood clots, cancers, low strength, and infertility.

Problems common in rich countries where estrogenics are everywhere.

Estrogenics come from lots of places, like plants and fungi. But the scariest ones are man-made, like plastics, preservatives, pesticides, flame-retardants, food dyes, insecticides, industrial stuff, etc.

Especially because they stay in our bodies for up to ten years and slowly change our DNA, affecting our kids. In a 2021 study, every single American baby already had estrogenics in them.

But we can do a lot of stuff to get them out of our bodies and keep them away from us.

And the best part of when you make these changes to what you use, eat, and do daily, you don't just become strong, healthy, confident, and attractive. You have a secret advantage over other guys that'll keep putting you ahead.

I won't lie. It's going to take some learning and work. But I've done everything to make sure you guarantee transforming yourself into the man you want to be. And made the process as fast and easy as possible.

You're already working hard, learning, and sacrificing when you're at the gym, school, and on dates. I don't want your hard work to keep going to waste because these toxins are holding you back.

You can become the charming, jacked, and attractive high-T guy that girls want to be with and other guys with they could be. Just by making some changes to what you do daily.

And it all made sense to me.

Our grandparents were strong, healthy, happy, in

relationships, and had triple our T-levels at our age. Even though most smoked and never exercised! But now most guys

are depressed and literally have boobs.

This is a big part of why fertility clinics, therapy, anti-depressants, mental health websites, weight loss surgeries, and TRT have become so popular these days.

And a huge reason why 2/3 US adults are overweight, double the number of guys are having ED problems since in the past, and 1/6 people in the world are struggling to have a kid. 

​It all started when people started putting these toxins in plastics, food, skin products, bug sprays, paint, and more.

The same ingredients in your deodorant are at the morgue preserving dead bodies, and it's going to cause birth defects in your kids.

Even if you think you feel fine, estrogenics are in things like baby bottles and formula. They're been growing in you like a virus since the day you were born.

It's like when a frog is put in a pot of water that's slowly getting warmer. The frog can't feel the changes and will eventually heat to death without realizing it could jump out.

​The same way, you might not notice estrogenics hurting you, but you are very sick.

More People Are Waking up!

Estrogenics are getting talked about way more in the news, and some of your favorite influencers are starting to mention them.

​They don't talk about them enough or show you the quickest, easiest, step-by-step ways to avoid them, but it's a move forward.

Scientists think that in 30-40 years, estrogenics will be mainstream and banned everywhere because of studies showing how bad they f**k up our bodies.

But just like with smoking, it'll be too late for most people by then. But not you. Don't lose the

secret advantage you now have that other guys won't know about for 30 years. 

I Had to Try...

After going through that, I realized my struggles with dating and feeling like a weak beta male wasn't because I wasn't taking care of myself. It was because of estrogenics f*****g up my body.

I didn't fully know how to make them go away, but I tried:

  • Non-toxic clothes 
  • ​Safe hair products​
  • Learning more
  • ​Different furniture
  • No food with colors added
  • Swapping water bottles
  • Different kinds of milk
  • ​Avoiding certain fruits
  • No harmful cleaners
  • ​Using water filters
  • ​Other colognes
  • ​Avoiding some places
  • New laundry soaps
  • Changing carpets & paint
  • Different protein bars
  • ​Buying air filters

But it was very hard to make progress. Even after a year, I didn't get far.

Estrogenics are everywhere and in everything, even in stuff I always thought was healthy and good for you, and people still believe are.

​But I didn't quit. I kept trying to avoid them, bit by bit. And guess what?

My Life Transformed!

I was a new me!

  • ​Felt masculine & confident
  • Happy all day
  • ​Hardest ere****ns ever
  • Muscles popping out
  • Easy to stand up for myself
  • More motivation
  • ​Bright skin, eyes, & nails​
  • Easy to remember stuff
  • Focus for hours
  • ​More female attraction
  • Reflexes got crazy fast
  • Less fat on thighs
  • Full & thick facial hair
  • Less fat on chest
  • Deep & rich voice
  • Crazy amounts of energy
  • Strongest sex drive ever
  • And more...​

I Was on God Mode...

For the first time, I felt like a real man. I had loads of energy, felt confident, and even my voice sounded strong.

Plus, my facial hair got thicker, my muscles got bigger than ever, and the acne I struggled with for years went away. 

And girls noticed. My dating life took off, and I didn't have the bedroom problems that I used to constantly worry about.

The best part? The girls I hung out with always wanted to keep seeing me again, which was a struggle before.

But I needed to be sure these changes were really happening, not just in my head.

My Blood Tests Were Crazy...

I'd been subbed to More Plates More Dates on YouTube, who said it's good to get your blood tested every year.

Before I learned about estrogenics, my T levels were between 450 and 498. But as I started learning, they shot up to 660, then 846, and then 1,106! And I 

know they'll be even higher this year!

​I also learned that testosterone makes your bones stronger, helps you live longer, and makes your face look better with a strong jawline and symmetry.

The Big Lie...

And that's when I realized it was estrogenics holding me back from the life I could have had.

For years, I wished I could get the love, s*x, and intimacy from girls that I saw other guys having. And I felt like crying when I lost every girl who showed a bit of interest in me.

People always said, "Just be yourself" and "Exercise more." But estrogenics have been holding us back the whole time.

All those years of failure were really because of these estrogenics. They're what's stopping you and me. When I figured that out, I quickly got the results I really wanted.

It Wasn't Just Me

Getting rid of estrogenics transformed their lives too!

At first, I didn't want to tell anyone about this since it was my secret advantage over other guys. Even guys on self-improvement either had no idea about this stuff or just read a book on it and barely scratched the surface.

But I needed to know if other people could get the same crazy results.
So, I started teaching my team, friends, and people I coached in the past all about estrogenics, plus some extra stuff from videos and guides. And their results were wild...



Kent, 24 - Bay Area, CA

"I was falling asleep at work but struggling to get 'it' to work in the bedroom... yeah so she ended up leaving me... it's so hard to meet new people... I stopped going to the gym I just don't feel motivated... I just come home and play Zelda"

"I've been back in the gym, and making progress fast...
Talked to some girls there, and went out for frozen yogurt with one... I haven't had problems getting it to work in the bedroom like I used to.

​I felt a difference by removing estrogenics but
I think you're overblowing the benefits a bit. Yeah, they're toxins you should avoid, and you're going to be much healthier and look better without them in you, but they're not going to turn you into Ronnie Coleman and give you the face of Brad Pitt.

Also, small thing, but for a few of the more advanced estrogenics, I think you could have done a slightly better job explaining them, I had to read the guide you sent to fully understand them.

I'd give your estrogenics course a 4.5 out of 5 stars ⭐"



Mohammed, 22 - Chicago, IL

"I was behind in school, my mom was telling me to lose weight, I felt like a f*****g failure... and my high school crush rejected me when I texted her to ask her out, bro it felt like I got stabbed... I'm was I mean I was like stressed and anxious 24/7"

"I'm feeling way more laser-focused... 
lost fat on my t*ts lol, skin looks amazing, and I bagged a new girl... I never knew the stuff in my bathroom was like making me a beta male... oh and yeah I can feel my ere****ns are harder... like I'm just more confident and feel amazing.

it was a little bit of work getting rid of the estrogenics around me, but your checklists helped a lot.... even it just makes me a little bit healthier and attractive like those benefits will stack over the years... easy points.

​​I also really like that you send emails when you add new stuff or explained stuff better, shows your really care/

​I'd give your estrogenics stuff you taught
4.6 out of 5 stars ⭐"​



Ahsan, 27 - Newark, NJ

"I was
beating my meat multiple times every day... It feels good, but yeah, then you feel depressed after... I feel really lonely sometimes like I can't even think straight... still living with my parents and treated like a child"

"I stopped having so much brain fog so I started applying to jobs and got a job that pays over 100k... and I
moved into an apartment with my now fiance... when we're out I'm noticing more girls looking at me that look like they're into me.

Thank you so much for sharing about estrogens and estrogenics... I've been focusing better, I feel more energized, I actually feel like more of a man... my skin did clear up, also building muscle a bit faster... yeah the only downside is I'm horny 24/7 lol, but that's okay I have girl now.

I know you were telling me about this stuff a while back, I wish I'd listen to you sooner.

I'd the info on estrogenics you gave
4.7 out of 5 stars ⭐"

17 More Reviews

Ready for the Life You've Always Wanted?

That's why I created Triple Your Testosterone.

This took me years to learn and cost thousands to get the knowledge.

But it was all worth it because now you can use it without going through the same pain I did, spending what I did to learn these secrets, or dealing with the hundreds of the gut-wrenching dating failures I went through.

Because I went through all the pain to create this offer, you won't have to go through any of that. It'll be quick and easy for you because I've got all the info for you in one place designed to transform your life and made for a young man like you because I get you.

​I used to get home and fall on my bed, wishing I could get love, s*x, and closeness from a girl. I'd imagined having a beautiful girlfriend who'd wrap her arms around me and be super loving, submissive, and feminine.

​Instead, I'd go to my bookmarks on xV****s and s*xandsubmission, while listening for my family's footsteps, then feel the waves of guilt and loneliness in me. I felt like crying at what a failure of a man I was.​

But now, getting love, sex, and closeness are things I don't even need to think about. It's gotten to a point where they're too easy, and a distraction from the grind in my life

You can become the handsome, jacked, and charming high-status man full of testosterone that other guys want to be

and girls want to be with. You can:

  • Look handsome and attractive
  • Have girls like you without even trying
  • Feel like a masculine man
  • Be able to focus on stuff
  • Have a strong muscular body
  • Walk with pride and confidence
  • Stop feeling down bad
  • Have tons of energy
  • Feel proud to be you
  • Kill any bedroom problems
  • And much more...

I won't lie. It'll still take some hard work, learning, and sacrifice to get rid of estrogenics. But you're already working hard, learning, and sacrificing when you're at the gym, work, school, and on dates.

And I'm proud of the work you're putting in. But you know, if you miss out on this knowledge, you'll always be working harder than other guys while getting much fewer results. Don't let your hard work go to waste.



"Ali's spent years giving you the knowledge to get ahead for free!"

- Shriyan 23 - Houston, TX

"You're still here reading this because:

1) You're on self-improvement and want to transform your life

2) You know the dating markets only getting harder and you  

want to destroy other guys to get top tier girls

3) You know it's winners-take-all in our world, and you want every advantage you can get

4) You trust him because you've already gotten tons of free value from him

Ali has thousands of subscribers and millions of views on his YouTube channels. Plus he's gifted playbooks and guides that were a ton of work to make. 

Trust me, let him spend 5 minutes showing you an offer you'll really like. I mean, you've already started your self-improvement journey, so why not?"

What Your Going to Get

Estrogenic Escape Plan

"Stop Looking Sick, Weak, & Ugly from Nasty Chemicals!"

Total Value: $447.00

My heart pounded like a drum as I raced around my home. I felt like slapping myself for being so stupid. For years, while I'd been trying to transform my life to be more attractive to girls, something was stopping me that was right under my nose. Estrogenics. They had been destroying my looks, energy, and confidence this whole time. I felt sick to my stomach.

After studying estrogenics for three years, I tried many things to see what works best to avoid them. It wasn't easy, and I ended up wasting a lot of time and money. But with each step, I felt myself transform into more of a real man, full of energy that drew in girls and made me feel worthy of them. I ended up finding the fastest and easiest lifestyle changes that make the biggest difference.

You might nod when guys complain about losing hair, feeling tired, and struggling with dating, but you can't relate. Truth is after you made easy changes to avoid estrogenics, you started looking good and feeling strong. Now you don't get tired during the day, people pay attention when you walk into a room, and you notice girls throwing their attention at you, just like the guys you used to be jealous of.

  • Get a secret edge over other guys by mastering the 10 most common estrogenics
  • Stop looking ugly by learning how to keep estrogenics away from you
  • ​Feel healthy, strong, and powerful by knowing what places to avoid going to
  • Skyrocket your health with rankings of the worst estrogenic (short & long-term) so you can make the most progress fast
  • Turbocharge your testosterone, energy, and brainpower by learning to get rid of estrogenics that are in your body right now
  • Save time by getting quick answers to common questions with the Estrogenics Explained FAQ Guide
  • ​Save time with the Estrogenic Cheat Sheet (printable) to help you quickly remember all the estrogenics and how to remove & avoid them

Over 18 videos & 20 PDF guides!

BONUS #1 - T-Safe Grooming Guide

"Instantly Glow Up with the Best Non-Toxic Grooming Stuff!"

Total Value: $97.00

**Sniff** I get goosebumps just thinking about the nasty smell of deodorant and hair gel in the middle school locker rooms. It still sends shivers down my spine and make my stomach feel like I ate metal. Even as a kid, I knew there was something wrong with that stuff. And I wondered what kind of wild lab chemicals made flavors like "Caribbean Chill" and "Dark Temptation."

When I learned almost all skin, body, teeth, hair, and grooming products are full of nasty toxins and that most of the bottle is just toxic filler, I threw all of mine away. But it hard to find stuff that was 100% safe and worked great. Even the brands that said they were 'natural' and against toxins still had them in their products! But I didn't give up. I tried loads of products over the years and made a special list of the best ones.

You glance down and see your girl smiling as she takes a deep breath into your chest. You can hear her breathing into you, soothing you. She always says she loves how you smell, and so do other girls.

Truth is, you tried some products without even needing to check ingredient lists because you knew you could trust them. You found your favorites and noticed a glow in your skin, hair, teeth, etc. Your confidence shot up just as girls started noticing you.

  • Quickly glow up with 100+ fully safe products for your skin, body, teeth, hair, beard, face, lips, and more
  • Save money with affordable options for every kind of product you might need
  • ​Have confidence knowing there's over 20+ completely safe brands you can go to anytime
  • ​Save time by seeing my personal pros and cons for each product listed
  • ​Avoid wasting time by seeing which products are most popular with my friends and I
  • ​Save money with my best price guarantee on all products and simple links to get to them
  • ​Avoid pain with recommendations for guys with sensitive skin, allergies, and different skin types
  • ​​Get another advantage over other guys by learning about all the toxic stuff in bathroom products 

Over 10 videos & 12 PDF guides!

BONUS #2 - Testosterone Tier List

"Feel Stronger From The Weights Room to The Bedroom!"

Total Value: $397.00

A few months after I started working out, I saw a guy walk into the gym. I remember staring at him, my mouth hanging open and lips dry. He had everything I had ever wanted: muscles, confidence, respect from everyone, and a hot white girlfriend with big 'personalities'. Seeing his success made a light bulb go off in my head and made me believe I could, too. A spark in me lit, and that moment started me on a journey that changed my life forever.

In college, I spent more time learning how to boost my testosterone, from podcasts, books, and classes, than I did about computer science. During the journey, I felt myself becoming  the man I wanted to be, and I started to get noticed more by girls on campus. The girls who I thought were out of my league freshmen seemed average by the time I was a junior. But I kept a special list of all the things I learned to boost T along the way.

You laugh hard, almost choking on your spit, when people online talk about sunning their balls or taking Tongkat or Turkesterone to "boost their testosterone." Ever since you got the Testosterone Tier list and used hacks listed to add them to your day, you've noticed your beard is thicker, your voice deeper, your muscles popping, and you feel laser-focused all the time. Most guys seem like little boys compared to you, and the girls notice.

  • Really boost your testosterone with 3 tiered list of 70+ no-bs ways that scientifically work and make the biggest difference
  • Pump up your testosterone by learning multiple ways to max out each point listed
  • Don't waste hours every day, learn simple hacks to add these to your daily routine
  • Save time by getting quick answers to common questions in the T-Tips FAQ Guide
  • ​Never forget one of the biggest ways to up your T levels with the Turbro Testosterone Cheat Sheet (printable)
  • ​Don't waste brainpower, use the Daily Testosterone Tracker (printable) to keep you on top of daily t-boosting actions
  • ​Get ahead of other guys with the Advanced Daily Testosterone Tracker

Over 15 videos & 15 PDF guides!

BONUS #3 - Power Plates

"Look Like a Model with Tasty Toxin-Free 10-Minute Recipes!"

Total Value: $127.00

I felt a burning, sour feeling in my throat and ran for the sink as it came out of my mouth. Barfing out the food I literally just spent an hour making. The sight and smell of it made me gag even more. I felt mad and frustrated as I cleaned it up, but I wouldn't give up. I knew there were foods out there that would make me look and feel like a superhero.

I've tried a lot of diets. I've even gone vegan and carnivore, hoping to start feeling strong and healthy. And to get rid of the blemishes, scars, and acne all over my face. Instead, I wasted hours cooking and cleaning to make food that tasted like garbage and left me looking and feeling weak. But, as I learned about toxins in food, I slowly started finding healthy, tasty, and quick recipes that changed everything!

You can't relate to guys complaining about fast food being additive or cooking being hard. You've been eating healthy for so long that fast food looks gross. Now, you spend less than 10 minutes making tasty meals that last for days. Meals that boost everything from your breath and skin to your strength and "bedroom cardio." And while other guys are wasting time cooking, you're moving ahead.

  • Get a massive edge on guys by learning more about estrogenic foods, estrogenics in food, and how to stay safe
  • Look more attractive than other guys by discovering the fake "healthy" foods that are actually making you sick
  • Get more brainpower and time by learning doing the right type of fasting that doesn't make you lose muscle
  • ​Make foods taste​ amazing by learning how to properly add seasoning
  • Skyrocket your testosterone & health with 20+ quick and fast power plate recipes
  • ​Enjoy 20+ guilt-free tasty snacks anywhere that boost your health​
  • Feel confident knowing that if you're confused by so many options, you can see what I eat daily
  • ​Save time and money with pre-made grocery lists that have portion sizes
  • ​Avoid feeling lost with pre-recorded grocery tours you can follow along with​
  • ​Enjoy amazing meals on a budget by discovering where to get insanely cheap prices for high-quality steak and meat

Over 20 videos & 15 PDF guides!

BONUS #4 - Home Hazards Handbook

"Stop the Sneaky Stuff in Your Home That's Making You Ugly!"

Total Value: $127.00

My biceps burned as I pulled over the last bedsheet corner, and I could feel a bit of sweat start to form under my armpits. Since I started avoiding estrogenics, my dating life transformed, so I had to change my sheets more.

But that day, I decided to read the tag on the sheet and felt my stomach turn. The sheets were made from a common toxic material, and I'd been sleeping on them naked for years. I looked around my room in horror, realizing everything from the carpet to the walls was making me very sick.

Even though I knew our food and grooming products are full of toxins, I was shocked to learn our homes are also full of stuff quietly, making us look and feel worse without knowing. Finding ways to fix all of this was tough, especially since I couldn't build a new home or buy a bunch of furniture. But after a few years, I figured out how to take care of everything quickly and cheaply.

You take a deep breath in relief, lying on your bed at night as your girl does her dumb 15-step skincare routine in the bathroom. Letting out an "ahhhhuh" as you squeeze your shoulder blades to crack your back while turning to see her. 

Ever since you switched to safer things at home, it's been like you have superpowers. Crushing it at work, the gym, your goals, and with girls. All While your competition doesn't even know they're surrounded by stuff that's poisoning them.

  • Get a secret edge over other guys by learning about estrogenics and other nasty toxins in everyone's homes
  • Quickly get more attractive by discovering free ways to replace the toxic stuff in your home
  • Feel great by learning how to keep the toxins in your home out of your body
  • Save time with a list of 50+ 100% safe, non-toxic home products with links
  • ​Save money with very affordable options for every kind of thing you might need
  • ​​Never feel sick on the go by learning simple ways to avoid toxins in dorms, hotels, & Airbnbs
  • ​Know what to watch out for when picking a new apartment so you don't look and feel worse
  • Be better in the bedroom by knowing what to watch out for when picking a new apartment to avoid feeling worse

Over 12 videos & 8 PDF guides!

Bonus #5 - Advanced Estrogenic Avoidance

"Get Ahead of Guys on Self-Improvement, Avoid Estrogenics They Don't Know About!"

Total Value: $147.00

I swerved, feeling the car jolt, to avoid hitting a stupid squirrel that darted across the road. But I'll admit I'd also been distracted looking at my messages. As I refocused on driving, I realized something. My phone was full of messages. For all my life, I'd felt invisible, barely gotten any texts, and ghosted by almost all girls. But now, for the first time, I had more girls who wanted to meet up than I had time to.

Staying away from estrogenics changed me from a weak and lonely guy wishing for a girl into a strong and confident man. So I had to learn more. I began reading research papers on them. They were really tough to understand, and I almost gave up a few times, but I kept trying, and I found out there are other less common but just as dangerous estrogenics out there. Then, I learned to avoid them.

You smirked when people said to avoid plastics and tap water because of something they saw online or read in a book. These guys think they found the secrets, but they're just scratching the surface. Since you learned to avoid the estrogenics most healthy guys don't know about, you're way ahead. You look, feel, and perform better daily, making you stand out in the sexual marketplace. And your success compounds year over year.

  • Get 10 steps ahead of the guys on self-improvement by learning about and how to stay safe from the 10 less  estrogenics almost no one knows about
  • Skyrocket your testosterone with rankings of the worst less common estrogenics (short & long-term) so you can stop the worst ones first
  • ​Stay on track with the Advanced Estrogenic Cheat Sheet (printable) to help you quickly remember all the less common estrogenics and how to remove and avoid them

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BONUS #6 - Total Toxin Terminator

"Break the Chains Holding You Back from Being a Masculine Man!"

Total Value: $197.00

As I looked into her blue eyes, everything else faded away. I was pulled into a world where only she existed. I realized I was starting to catch feelings for this girl. But I couldn't focus on our deep conversation in the car. There was something else on my mind. As I kept glancing around her car, I realized she had no idea how much the stuff in there was making her sick.

Avoiding estrogenics changed my life, so I had to keep going. I knew there must also be other toxins around us, and the more I learned and got rid of them, the better off I'd be compared to other guys. So, I took it one toxin at a time, learned, got rid of them, and kept track of everything.

You stop and check yourself in the mirror before heading out the door for your date. You're amazed by how you've changed. Your muscles are defined, veins are popping in your arms, face is more toned, hair is thick, and your eyes sparkle. After you made some simple changes to stay away from all of the toxins, you're amazed at who you've become. And realize you've had the most success with life, including dating, than any year before.

  • Get a massive edge over other guys by discovering all the toxins around you from the gym, restaurants, school, malls, and more
  • ​Look and feel way better than most guys by learning easy ways to stay safe ​
  • Level up while you drive by getting a full guide to get rid of the toxins in your car making you sick, and the best alternatives
  • Skyrocket your health with rankings of the all the toxins around you so you can stop the worst ones first
  • Save your health by finding out the worst places to live for toxins so you don't end up hurting yourself

Over 15 videos & 15 PDF guides!

BONUS #7 - Mens Hormone Manual

"Get Proof Your T-Levels Are Shooting Up With Fast, Cheap, And Easy Tests"

Total Value: $67.00

A half-naked female methhead was spazzing out in front of me. She smelled stale and musty, and I know it's rude to stare, but I couldn't help looking up. I was worried she'd randomly stab me the way she jolted around. I came here to get my testosterone levels checked but didn't know this was some ghetto place employers use for drug-testing employees.

I didn't know how to check my T levels or where to go. I also wasn't sure if I could eat before or how much it would cost. And after getting my results, I didn't understand them. Plus, health is relative. Most people are fat and eat cosmic brownies. How do my levels stack up against pro athletes and elite health nerds? But after talking to doctors and learning for over a year, I figured out how to actually check my health quickly and easily.

You smile awkwardly when guys at the gym talk about how they "feel" their testosterone go up from those cringe 'ToP 10 ways tO INcrEasE TEStoSTeronE' vids on YouTube. Now, after less than 10 minutes on tests that cost a fraction of what other guys pay, you get your results emailed to you.

Your testosterone went way up, and you're healthier than ever. You smile, knowing that by avoiding toxins, you're in the top 1% of 1% men, and you've got the receipts to back it up.

  • Get proof your testosterone is shooting up by learning how to easily and cheaply get blood and urine tests
  • Don't waste time or money by learning everything about at-home testing kits
  • Don't get scammed, use the Test Quest List of the top 10 in-person and online testing companies you can trust
  • Easily save cash by using companies that offer affordable testing
  • Don't get suckered into fake health propaganda, get a real breakdown of key test results and learn to avoid 'bad markers'
  • ​Stay ahead of guys by discovering other fitness and health tests you can take that are legit for checking how healthy you are
  • Get real results by following the 10-Point Pre-Blood Test Blueprint that makes sure you'll have the most accurate data on lab tests

Over 5 videos & 8 PDF guides!

BONUS #8 - Modern Attraction Manual

"Stop Watching from the Sidelines as Other Guys Get Your Girls!"

Total Value: $197.00

I remember hearing laughter and chatter during recess while the smell of fresh grass filled the air. But while the guys were busy with sports, the girls just talked. "That's all they do," I thought.

But as I got older and started learning game
 I realized something crazy. Years of girls leveling up their social skills gave them a superpower. They can tell right away which guys are confident and insecure in seconds, just by how they act and talk. Subtle body language and voice stuff that guys can't notice.

Even though I said the right things and acted confidently I struggled hard with dating. I realized girls could see through my act. They could tell I was faking high value by things I didn't notice. I tried many things to get better, but nothing seemed to work. I was about to give up until I discovered the secrets that changed everything. They turned me into an attractive, charming man, and girls noticed right away.

You try not to judge, but it's tough. Everywhere you go you see weak guys. They slouch, mumble, and can't look you in the eye. Their convos are boring and dull. They're all the same and desperately trying to fit in. But you're not like that anymore. Now, you walk with a proud, confident swagger. When you lock eyes with a girl, she feels your masculine confidence. And unlike most guys, you're not faking it.

  • Get noticed right away by learning to develop a confidence mindset
  • Make people attracted to you by becoming a 10/10 talker without needing everyone's attention
  • ​Quickly become likable by learning the secrets to become charming to people you've just met
  • Make friends easily with simple ways to find guys you like and expand your social circle
  • Build status online and offline so more girls want you and more guys want to be friends with you
  • Stop feeling like a failure by discovering how to easily kill addictions for good​
  • Never get disrespected and prevent it from happening by learning how to influence, persuade, and manipulate people
  • ​Feel more confident by learning to get over insecurities fast

Over 20 videos & 20 PDF guides!

BONUS #9 - Dominance Dynamics

"Get Respect Without Saying Anything by Mastering Body Language!"

Total Value: $147.00

I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I was in line at Chipotle, and when the door opened behind me, I just knew an alpha male had walked in. Slowly, I turned around, and the guy behind me gave me a nod.

He wasn't jacked or scary-looking, but
something about him made me feel like I should't mess with him, and that he dominated girls in bed. Compared to him, I felt small and weak, like a child. And for some reason, I really wanted him to like me, even though he hadn't said a word.

No matter how hard I tried to walk confidently people took one look at me and could tell I was faking it. I always wondered how some guys could just walk into a room, and earn everyone respect right away, even if they weren't jacked or rich. But after buying a few courses on body language, I finally learned the biggest secrets to naturally having confident alpha male body language.

Now, whenever you walk into a room, everyone looks in awe for a few seconds, and you can feel their heads turn to you. It doesn't matter what you're wearing or where you are. Because human communicate mostly without words, guys see you move like a real man and instantly respect you, and girls automatically feel attracted. And since most guys move like scared 90 year old women, you really stand out without even saying anything.

  • ​I​mmediately get respect by learning how to naturally seem strong, masculine, and confident without thinking
  • Stay cool and in charge with tricks to stop feeling insecure in new places
  • Stop looking like a beta male by learning to fix years of weak posture without wasting time on endless exercises ​
  • ​Master eye contact without making you or the other person feel weird or awkward
  • Kill your default ugly, weak face by creating a naturally confident resting face that attracts people
  • ​Make people relax around you by understanding personal space
  • ​Never look weak backing down in a fight by mastering calming someone down before tensions get high
  • ​Speak like a man by ​changing how your voice sounds to always stay in control
  • ​Make girls more attracted to you by learning how to use body language on dates
  • ​Lead others ​with your body without making them feel uncomfortable

Over 15 videos & 12 PDF guides!

BONUS #10 - Red Pill Revelations

"End Heartbreak & Frustration By Understanding How Women Think!"

Total Value: $297.00

Something really bad was about to happen. When I moved to Texas, I started dating the hottest girl I'd ever been with. She had a 10/10 face, slim thick voluptuous body, and was very feminine. I can still remember how she smelled like vanilla.

Best, I knew she was obsessed with me. When I canceled our second date since I got sick, she came over and took care of me.
But after a few months, things changed. She started getting mad, arguing and canceling plans. When she "wanted to talk over brunch,." I had a feeling I was about to lose her forever, and I was right.
The hardest part of getting rich is ignoring what parents, teachers, and movies told you your whole life. Relationships are the same. Everything you've learned in movies/TV is a lie and leaves you confused and heartbroken. But in college, I realized that girls thought differently. After making lots of dating mistakes and losing hundreds of girls, I learned how they think and how to get them obsessed with you. And some of it is dark...

​You take a deep breath as your friend starts talking. He's upset because the girl he's dating is suddenly irritable around him. Everything used to be great, but now it's only getting worse. You remember once having those same problems.

But after you learned the secrets from Red Pill Revelations, you stopped arguments before they started, made girls fall in love and obsess over you, and have a huge leg up over other guys.

  • Stop getting ghosted and friend-zoned by knowing what attracts women and keeps them interested
  • Skip dating failures by learning to attract girls if you are younger, poor, or haven't had much experience
  • Don't look like an idiot when girls argue by learning how to stay cool and strong
  • ​Don't waste time and energy by finding out how to stop fights before they happen​
  • ​Prevent bad dates and hangouts by learning to get girls in a loving, happy vibe around you
  • ​Never be her second option by discovering how to make girls' minds and hearts obsessed so they can't even think of another guy