1. Goods/Services Offered

This website sells digital products, specifically courses.

2. Company Info

Company legal name: KILAM LLC
Company address & country: 1424 Summit Ave, #5059, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

3. Refund Policy

All purchases made can be refunded, without reason required, within 90 days of the purchase date.

4. Shipping Information

Not applicable.

5. Terms and Conditions

Products purchased will be delivered within 24 hours, unless pre-ordered, and are usually delivered instantly.
Once purchased customers are taken to a members only area to create an account. Additionally an email is sent with a link to the members area as well.

Once a purchase is made no additional fees or taxes will be charged. 

Videos, PDFs, and other content inside of the digital products are considered intellectual property owned by KILAM LLC and may NOT be shared, duplicated, or copied. They are meant only for for personal use. 

If a customer is found to be sharing, duplicating, or copying any digital products after purchasing them, their access to those products will be terminated. 

KILAM LLC is not owned, operated, or employs any medical professionals. And no advice given is medical advice, please consult your doctor before engaging in any health related behavior. 

KILAM LLC abides by the laws of the State of Texas and the United States Government.

6. Privacy Policy

Customer data is stored securely and is not stored or shared with any 3rd parties. It is only used to contact the customer or update them about relevant information and promotions.

7. Contact

For questions, comments, and concerns please reach out to ali@alixmalik.com.

8. Secure Website

alixmalik.com is using a SSL certificate.

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